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Motivation anyone?

Well, it appears that my updating has not been as successful as I had hoped. I am still working with the boys on weekend “school” however we’ve had some setbacks as of recent. This past weekend I was sick with strep throat (thank god no one else has any signs of this yet – thank you Lysol disinfectant!) The previous weekend we started on A Story About Ping. I got the books from the library and made sure to get plenty of supplemental books about ducks, China, and rivers. Would you believe that they didn’t want to read the Ping book at all??? I continued to suggest we read it and they instead picked every other additional book! This threw me way off track and instead of rolling with it and more activities I just lost focus. We read and that was about it. M did some writing work but we didn’t end up doing much else.

My biggest frustration right now is getting K(2) to stick with one thing for more than 2 minutes. He’s a lightning ball. I tried to do some boxes with activities just for him, except M (5) finds that K’s boxes are more interesting than his own and ends up into the activity upsetting K. I did find that a few packages of beans and some sorting toys sure kept them busy for an hour! But alas it lasted only one day for one hour. The next time they wanted to try it there were beans everywhere and it was “mom he took this” “mom he did that” within 10 minutes.

So now I’m trying to decide to go ahead again this weekend with Ping and some revised activities, or to give up and move onto a different subject matter. After our first weekend I felt like things were going great, now I’m just a little disapointed.

On another note I did get several activities from the dollar store – different shaped balls, art supplies, sorting toys, and plenty of small toys (easter baskets yay!). I even got boxes to organize everything. I may have to hit them up again to see what else I can find!

I’m going to post some pictures from M’s birthday and the bean extravaganza. Hopefully I can remember my camera tomorrow.


  1. I just read this. Just know that the attention span of children can basically be summarized to be as long in minutes as they are years old. Your two year old probably does have a two minute attention span.

  2. Ping was one of my favorite books when I was a kid! Who couldn’t love it?

    Oo, now the memories are flooding back. Have you heard of Tikki Tikki Tembo? We loooved that book and read it probably a billion times.

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