Weekend School?!?!

I’ve decided that my boys need just a little bit more in the way of education and really quality time with mom and dad. We spend the better portion of our weekends either a) running around trying to do errands or 2) sitting at home watching TV and trying to stop them from fighting. Either way I end up exhausted, frustrated and more stressed out and the boys well they’re bored and irritated too. There are times I wish I could stay home full-time and homeschool them, and there are times when I’m really glad to get out of the house. I think the best solution for us would be if I could work part-time but for now and I anticipate for several years down the road that won’t be a possibility.
M can’t get enough of school. Even though he is in a full day Pre-K program, he comes home and asks when he can do homework. And even though K is only 2 he copies his brother and wants in on the action too! So last week while trying to think of things we could do this weekend I started thinking about homeschooling. Most parents do it fulltime but we can’t afford for me not to work. But certainly I could do supplemental schooling on the weekends right?? So a plan was born! I found a great curriculm called Five in a Row. This is perfect for us because M and K love books! What I like about this is that the whole curriculm is based off of one book. From the book you can spin off all the other subjects while keeping it as the central theme. The object is to read the book for 5 days and play off the other subjects with the book. Perfect! Even if I can’t actually do work with them on the weekdays I can read to them and do 1 or 2 other activities. On the weekends we can do more.
So what did it look like??
Saturday morning – we had talked about “school” the night before and the boys were really excited! They got up and we started with Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?
I read it first to them and then M read it to us. He had used this book in Pre-K and knows it just about by heart. Then we went in their room, to their work table. I had printed out all the characters and M started coloring them all the color they were in the book. When he got stuck I let him go back to the book, find the animal and then find his color. K was “coloring” too but his was not as neat! M cut out all his characters and stored them (we needed sticks for them to be

We had breakfast and K was done with school. I gave M some simple addition problems (he likes to use the calculator). He did so well! I was really surprised at how fast he caught on, as I had never introduced him to addition but he grasped it right away. I read with K while M did some copywork, the letter B and C, and spelling bear and cat. He really doesn’t like this but he did it. K was ready for his nap and M and I went through magazines looking for B letters, words and pictures. He cut them out for his “b” book.

We had wanted to take them to the National Zoo in the afternoon but just got too busy and the weather was soo windy!
Before bed we read A Visitor for Bear. Very cute both of them really enjoyed it!

SUNDAY: We got the sticks to finish the puppets so M made sure he taped them all together. We then worked on putting them in order smallest animal to biggest animal. This was a little bit hard for him because he wanted to put them smallest to biggest pieces of paper, but I tried to encourage him to think of the size of the real animal.


I think if we would have gone to the zoo to see all of them it would have been much easier for him to visualize. We read Brown Bear again, and we also read Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear? and The Teddy Bears’ Picnic (K LOVED them both). I ended up re-reading these to K about 5 times! Mikhail tried to read Polar Bear to us too, he would keep getting stuck on Hippopotomus but I was so proud of him because he kept trying so hard to pronounce it!

M also did some work in his shape/color workbooks.

During this week we have been easing off bec
ause it was our test week. Every night M gets home and says “is it time to do school again??”. Tuesday night he made a bear cave, complete with food and bear poop for his bear but he asked Daddy to draw the bear for him. I think the best part of all of this is that Daddy is really behind it. He’s sitting and reading the books to them at night too!
M and I have been reading this book at night. It is HUGE when I checked it out I was worried but it is full of really wonderful graphite drawings. He has no issues sitting through chapter books and begs me to read more!
We’re just getting the hang of this but I hope to keep it up. I have next week planned so watch for updates! I also hope to update more than once a week but we’ll see what time permits!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    What cuties your boys are!
    And smart too….

  2. Nice to see you back blogging…

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